why we do it

African Poverty
Despite vast human and natural resources, the majority of the world’s poorest countries are in Africa, their citizens languishing in extreme poverty.  In 2009, 22 of 24 nations identified by the UN as having “Low Human Development” were located in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Vicious Cycle of Poverty
Many of these poorest Africans are caught in a poverty trap, a vicious cycle that ensnares generation after generation, offering little hope of a brighter, more successful or healthier future. Children faced with a daily struggle against starvation, with no access to healthcare and a complete lack of education stand next to no chance of improving themselves.

Breaking The Cycle
The aim of charities such as The Betty Cunningham Trust isn’t simply to provide impoverished Africans with handouts. Our overriding aim is to help the poor of Kaponda district to break free from their chains of poverty, to break the vicious cycle and end their need for charitable assistance.

Food, Health, Education
By providing Kaponda villagers with sources of food and fresh water, they will have the time and energy to care for themselves and their children. By providing access to basic healthcare facilities children will have a greater chance of reaching adulthood, and adults will be better able to care for their children. By providing these children with an education they will be more likely to advance themselves, to pull further clear from the jaws of poverty.

All in all, our efforts are aimed at giving the children of Kaponda a helping hand, lifting them out of abject poverty, allowing them to stand upon their own two feet and live out healthier, happier, more self-sufficient futures.
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